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Description: What are you waiting for? The book is LIVE, and so are we@ Our first Missouri retreat in 2022 was a resounding success, and we invite you to join us virtually in 2023:

Are you feeling POWERLESS?

  • What if I was to share with you, YOU, are holding yourself and your team back?
  • What if I told you that you could turn your fear and frustration into your Super Power?

Are you a Healthcare leader struggling with nurse retention and/or finding nurses who want to stay?

  • Most women lack or fear candid confidence.
  • Most women find comfort being the victim vs the victor.
  • Most women find themselves feeling “stuck” when it comes to creating life and work strategies that change the status quo.

Do You Hear Me NOW?


You will walk away with a blueprint of strategies for 2023/24. Experience empathy, happiness, empowerment, connection. This retreat is designed to challenge new leadership capabilities by learning the art of Thinking Differently leading to different outcomes. Our content is based on Diagnostic Thinking; you will actively participate in a session designed with YOU in mind…

Break barriers of self-limiting beliefs, social biases, and negative narrations that fill our minds where thinking is less clear, making leadership less effective.

It’s Up to You to Decide! This is an EXCLUSIVE EXECUTIVE WOMEN’S RETREAT and the Trip of a Lifetime led by Dina Readinger and Sharon Weinstein, co-authors of Think Differently…18 Strategies to Fix Broken Thinking!

Where: Online
When: November 2nd, 2023
Fees: Single Registrant: $79.00. Group of 5 (a $100 savings) $295.00


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  • Participate in multiple workshops and Diagnostic Thinking Sessions. We will provide the recipe for building strategies that fix our broken healthcare, focusing on “Nurses and Nursing.”