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Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems create leadership confidence, unlocking beliefs, aligning values, and creating strategies for accelerated impact.

Diagnostic Thinking™ is a novel and vetted process designed to accelerate leadership capabilities, create confident leaders, negotiating for new opportunities or even, creating new roles to solve business-critical issues. Many leaders find themselves on the island of “Stuck”.  This new and innovative thinking process catalyzes different leadership thought methodologies, creates confidence, and strategically strong leaders essential for company performance, and dissolves the feeling of being “Stuck”. Diversity Diagnostic members get more opportunities, create more opportunities for others, make more money, and are happier with life and their career. Diversity Diagnostic Leadership System has enhanced Women Leadership Programs, Employee Resource Groups, and Diversity and Inclusion. Dina also serves as an HBA global advisor with Healthcare Businesswomen and has taken part in many culture transformations, M&A, company re-organizations, and strategies that affect employee retention and performance.

Diversity Diagnostic Leadership™ Systems is designed to build confident and strategic leaders for individuals and companies all over the globe. This is an out-of-the-box leadership development program that creates confident leaders in a dynamic market that demands excellent decisions. We all interpret life events and draw conclusions and the world at large. We develop our own private logic. During our lives, this process of taking part in events, our emotional responses to these events, creates beliefs that get in the way of good business decisions. These decisions can affect personal careers, teams, and company outcomes. Blind spots are the career-limiting areas that can be addressed through Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems™, creating social and emotional intelligence. This innovative thought process develops new neuroplasticity’s for impactful business strategies for self-management, team management, relationship management with good business decisions.

Employees will experience the power of being in a community where psychological trust is pledged, business decisions vetted for success, and accountability for follow-through essential. All sessions are confidential! Members of a professionally facilitated Diagnostic Thinking Group will experience the proprietary process of finding, framing, and formulating the right problem to solve, creating self-awareness, social awareness, relationship management, and develop specific ways to manage our own “private logic.” Diversity Diagnostic Leadership System™ is guaranteed to overcome self-limiting fears, self-justifications, and offers tools to reduce frustration so one can stop self-sabotage. It’s time to get the results you deserve, want, and find personal confidence in handling any situation that arises.

Achieve Real-time Measurable Results

Retrospective Analysis Surveyed Outcomes showed the following benefits:

1. Immediate personal impact on conscious critical thinking and real-world results after first session.

2. 100% of DDLS Members are much more confident leaders and create company impact.

3. >80% Step into new roles and/or take on new responsibilities within 12 months of initial session.

4. Overcoming self-defined barriers, stress, and burnout that create career stalls.

5. Learn and deliver the art of tough conversations with dignity and respect for self and others.

6. Create, lead, and inspire top performing teams.

7. Zero fallout due to value from each session.

8. Leadership development in real-time, real issues, with real and measurable results.

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